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Miniature Balanced / Lavalier Microphone Cables
UPC # 801813006780

2c. 28awg Bal Mic - (Headst) - Black - 656' Roll - Spooled
W2697 cable is constructed with a served (spiral) shield. Miniature microphone cables feature the necessary mechanical strength (tensile strength and long flex life) and flexibility for lavalier microphones and other applications.

Available for OEM Applications, contact us for inquiries by clicking on the “Request Info Button”

Part No.W2697
No. of Conductor2
ConductorDetails16/0.08 A
Size(mm²)0.08mm² (#28 AWG)
InsulationOv. Dia.(mm)0.85Ø (0.033")
ColorsRed / White
Filler Thread-
ShieldServed Shield
Approx. 60/0.08A
JacketOv. Dia.(mm)2.5Ø (0.098")
MaterialFlexible PVC
Roll Sizes200m (656Ft)
Weight1.8kg / 200m