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Mogami Overall Shielded Cable
UPC # 801813011722

12c. 28awg Individual - Gray - 500' Roll

Multi purpose #28AWG superflexble overall shielded cable available in twisted pair configuration for electromagnetic noise rejection as well as in economy and easy wiring general round configuration in compact gray jacket. All these cables are approved as UL SUBJECT 758 AWM 20002 VW-1SC.

Available for OEM Applications, contact us for inquiries by clicking on the “Request Info Button”


ConductorDetails7/0.127TA (7×#37AWG)
Size(mm²)0.088mm² (#28AWG)
InsulationOv. Dia.(mm)0.95Ø (0.0374")
Overall ShieldTypeBraided shield
CoverageMinimum 85%
Ov. JacketMaterialFlexible PVC
ColorDark Gray

DC Resistance at 20°C0.21Ω/m(0.064Ω/Ft)
Voltage BreakdownMust withstand at DC 500V/15sec.
Insulation Resistance10000 MΩ × m Min. at DC 500V , 20°C
Chracteristic Impedance*90 ‾ 115Ω (at 10MHz)
Cable Skew*0.517nS/m
Delay Time*5.5 ‾ 6.1n S/m
Velocity Ratio*0.55 ‾ 0.60
EmigrationNon-emigrant to ABS resin
Applicable Temperature-20°C‾ +70°C(-4°F‾ +158°F)
StandardUL 758 AWM 20002 VW-1SC 30V 80°C
*Data for Twisted Pair Type Only.