50mm F2.5 Miniature Lens
UPC # 801813071047
The 4300 series lenses use a M12 x 0.5 thread and are compatible with various bullet size and board cameras. The V-LH04 and V-LH08 lens holders can be used for OEM designs using our V-4300 series lenses. Custom designed metal or plastic lens holders are available to meet any requirement. For more information, call us.
Focal Length: 50.0mm Relative Aperture: 2.5 Sensing Area: 1/3", 1/2" Back Focal Length: 33.9 # of Elements: 4 D1 (mm): ø20.6 D2 (mm): ø27.0 Min. Object Distance: 40cm-∞ Weight: 27.1g Length (mm): 52.8 L1 (mm): 8 L2 (mm): 16 L3 (mm): - L4 (mm): 17.8 L5 (mm): 11.0 LT (mm): 56.9